Kathi roll

The Kathi Roll Story

We would love to share the famous story behind the invention of Kathi Roll from the colonial era of Calcutta. The credit goes to Nizam’s who’s delicious Kebabs were immensely popular in Indian natives and British expats. It was the ultimate destination for all the non-vegetarian food lovers .However, the regular British customers & the daily on-going commuters found it somewhat messy and unhygienic to pick the greasy kebabs with their hands.

This has raised a concern within Nizam’s of losing out the hurried customer. So Nizam’s introduced a new way of presenting the wildly popular kabab with paratha by wrapping the kebabs in crispy parathas and further wrapping the kabab paratha roll in butter paper to make sure the upmost hygiene. People started loving this new presentation of famous Kabab’s within parathas and this had become an instant hit.
In 1964, Nizam’s replaced the heavy and costly iron sticks with bamboo sticks (known as ‘kathi’ in the local Bengali language, signifying ‘stick’) and that is how the well-known nizam’s Kabab Rolls get his famous name “Kathi Rolls”.
The kathi rolls basically an inspiring food innovation from the street food capital of India i.e. Kolkata. Today, These Rolls are famous and ubiquitous the world over. And yet, the Kolkata charm and whiff of nostalgia added with our fusion recipes makes our rolls a special hard-to-replicate flavor.

kathi roll story

Roll Singh’s Kathi Roll

The world is changing its food behavior, west is moving towards east & east is moving towards west. Still the focus remains constant on quick & healthy food on your plate. This all could happen with a predefined SOP of food supply to food in plate. Our Founders have started Roll Singh in 2017 and continuously learned a lot in this journey.

This results into a robust world class SOP that is helping us to serve the best kathi rolls in lesser time. Cooking is an art along with science which we learnt during our extensive research and development of various recipes. As the food behavior is changing and healthy food along with upmost hygiene & minimal touch is in top priorities of customer. We are bound to cater the demand of food lovers with our continuous R&D. We would like to thank our customers who helped us during this
journey of food which encourages us to spread across Delhi NCR, Noida and Mumbai with multiple outlets. We are now moving to other cities of India with a great hope to serve authentic Kathi rolls at every corner of India.